Three Chicago Dog Costumes For Halloween: Ideas for you and your pooch

Let's face it. We love dressing our pets up, and so do you! Halloween is just an excuse to go over the top with silly, fun, or spooky - but most pet owners just want to giggle or say "awwwww". Here's a list of ten costumes that we think would be great for your Chicago Dog.

Number Three: Chicago Cubs Player

The Cubs are having a great season and what better way to celebrate the Chicago Cubs with your dog than by dressing your dog up in a cubs jersey. It goes beyond superfan and says Go CUBS Go!

Number Two: Chicago Hot Dog

Put away the ketchup! This Chicago dog uses mustard only. Nothing says Chicago like a dog dressed up as one of the city's famous foods.

Number One: The Chicago Mobster

Chicago has a sordid past of gangsters and mobsters. Let other Chicagoans know that your dog is the baddest. So bad - he/she got caught and put in jail.