Breed Bio: Siamese

Originally from Thailand, the Siamese is an Oreintal cat bred to expand the coat variations. They are recognized for their distinctive markings, and were referenced in manuscripts as early as the 14th century. Siamese are closely related to the Oriental Shorthair.

Breed standard dictates Siamese must have an elongated tubular and muscular body with a triangular head. Their ears are more toward the side of their head than the front, and their eyes are always light blue and almond shaped. Siames have short, shiny, coats, and lack a dense undercoat. Their seal point coloration is actually a partial form of albinism.

Siamese are very social creatures, well known for their intelligence and desire for human interaction. Unless well socialized, they tend to develop one person bonds. If poorly socialized, they can develop depression, and will often vocalize their cries of unhappiness that sound very similar to human children crying.

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