Breed Bio: Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles have become a popular breed over the past few years, due to their friendly demeanor and hypoallergenic fur. The breed crossover originated in both North America and Austrailia in the 1990's with the intent of creating a low allergen/hypoallergenic dog.

Most do have a low maitenance coat which requires occasional grooming, but not all possess the coveted "no shed" coat that poodles have. Coat types vary between resemebling either a poodle's coat, a retreiever coat, and a hydbrid of the two. Similarly, the colors fall into the same categories and are red/tan, golden, white, and black.

The size ranges anywhere from small to large, depending on the lineage of the parents and the individual dog. Generally they can adapt well to any living environment, as long as they are provided with the proper energy outlets. Their friendly temperament also means they are ideal for families with children, and even potential service dogs.

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