Monetize Your Miles: WoofTrax

WoofTrax is a new smartphone app that donates to your local animal organization every time you walk your dog. They have an open enrollment for shelters and rescues, and simple steps to guide you along your way.

All you have to do is open the app, press start, and then hit stop when you're done. Funds from each donation period are allocated based on the number of people "walking" for each organization. The more people shelters or rescues have using the app, the more money they can make. If a sizable dog walking company chose to have staff all earn for the same organization, all the miles dog walkers cover could really make a difference.

The application works for both Apple and Android devices, and allows users to make personal donations within the app itself. It has been featured on the Huffington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and CBS Philly. The more people that use WoofTrax, the more potential funds are generated for donation. Dog walkers in Lincoln Park (60610), Old Town (60614), Lakeview (60657), River North (60611), Streeterville (60654), and all over Chicago should incorporate this charitable idea into their business practices!

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