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My Dog Looks Like A Cartoon Character

Have you ever thought that maybe your dog was a cartoon character in a different life? I'm a dog walker in Chicago in the Old Town area 60610. We are like the Uber of dog walking! Anyhow, I have collected many photos of our client's dogs that I swear are definitely part cartoon. Take a look below.

Alright, there is no way that this golden retriever doesn't belong in a cartoon animated Disney film. He his so photogenic and happy and his coat is so colorful and shiny.

Examine the big round expressive cartoon eyes on this guy!

This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has gone bonkers in his cartoon world! Something crazy and indescribable must have just happened and that aooooga sound just went off like with the Road Runner.

There is no way this Shih Tzu isn't a cotton ball cartoon character. You can't argue with me. Check out his round cartoon shape body with those round giant eyes looking up at you. Basically this dog, is too round to be a real live dog.

We've all seen this cat in a cartoon before. Just the outline of a cat with huge eyes!

This Goldendoodle puppy is an ideal specimen. This photo requires no explanation. The cartoon is all there.

I'm sure that this mini Labradoodle puppy has earned his place in the cartoon world. Check out his collar! If only it was a bowtie!

And Last but not least, this beagle. His eye is totally in cartoon land.

So now that you have seen these examples, carefully check out your dog. See if it is actually a cartoon dog.

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