You Should Follow:SproutedKitchen

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of being a petcare specialist in Chicago is keeping the walkers healthy! It's not easy to stay nourished when you're on your feet walking dogs, caring for cats, or petsitting every day. The hours are long, but our charges are some of the most grateful and cuddly personalities around.

SproutedKitchen is an Instagram account that features healthy and delicious meals, and plenty of ways to make sure you stay nourished. Our dog walker in Old Town (60614) Gina, recently walked 65 miles in a week. There is no way that can be done on an empty belly.

Some may laugh at you for taking pictures of your food like a self obsessed hipster, but we'll just be drooling in the corner in between walks in Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, or Lakeview, wishing we were in your kitchen.

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