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Winter Couture for Pooches

As Chicago dog walkers and pet sitters, we know what these harsh winters can be like for us and our four-legged friends. Winters in Chicago can be treturous for everyone, but as humans, we can get as bundled as we want. Our pets on the other hand... might have some trouble. Even though dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, small and short-haired breeds like chihuahuas, greyhounds, and pugs can get very cold very fast if not dressed properly for the weather.

Like the cute frenchie above, a sweater is the very least needed for a pup in the freezing temperatures. It seals in the much-needed body heat and keeps the body insulated. Take it up a notch with a hoodie to protect their sensitive ears from winds. Another inportant accessory to consider is a sturdy pair of booties. The pads of your furry baby's paws can be damaged if walking on snow or ice for too long and we know how nice a long walk can feel, no matter what the weather is! Lincoln Park (60614), Lakeview (60657), Gold Coast (60611), River North (60610), and Old Town (60614) are all gorgeous in the winter! You might even want to invest in a high quality paw balm to keep the pads from chapping in extreme conditions. Keep your pups warm and safe this winter!

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