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Dogs At Chicago Marathon

As a Chicago dog walker and pet sitter in the Old Town Neighborhood, 60610, I often wonder how dogs will react to the Chicago Marathon each year. Here is a photo of me with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I am currently petsitting. We thought we would check out the Chicago Marathon today.

I think all the people who come out to support the runners in the race is a beautiful thing because they will stand there clapping for hours and high fiving people who are running either for themselves or for a cause like PAWS Chicago. So the people are great, but they are often screaming, playing music, hooting, and spinning noise makers through the air. Some dogs may find this exciting and want to get in with all the energy and perhaps try to run the race too, but I also wonder if most dogs are just terrified and overwhelmed with all the movement and sound.

Do you have a partying extrovert dog or a shy introvert dog?

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