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Dogs and Halloween Decorations

So as Halloween is approaching, has your dog tried to attack or flee from a Halloween Decoration yet? There are some epic ones out there. I am a Chicago dog walker in the Old Town neighborhood, 60610 and we are basically like the Uber for Dogs. Since I walk around all day with dogs, I get to see a lot of decorations as I'm out and about. I also get to observe how various dogs react to these decorations.

Just today I had one of my dogs barking continuously at a evil giant inflatable cat. Now, when you think of Halloween, you think of trying to scare other people right? However, maybe it's all a trick to really just terrify all of the doggies in the world. Which may actually be more fun. I will say though that some of the dogs have no problem with the decorations and perhaps they have even made some new friends.

I know Shadow is enjoying hanging out with his new bros.

Joey, you may not want to sit RIGHT there. Move a little to your right maybe. "No, he's tickling me. I like it!"

However, there are some decorations that no dog or human can handle. Such as the magical floating witch that may try to fly and grab you as you run past.

And how about her evil sister outside your window at night?

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