Why I love Working in the Pet Care Industry

By far, my favorite kind of jobs I've ever had have been when I'm working with animals. From every shelter I've volunteered at to working at a doggy daycare in Lincoln Park (60614) and SIT which services Lncoln Park, Lakeview, Old Town, River North/Streeterville, Gold Coast and the South Loop, I've got some time in the pet care industry under my belt. These are the reasons why I love it.

All of the people are amazing

Everyone I've met through pet care automatically comes with an awesome personality

Everyone's excited to see you when you come to work

I've never worked anywhere where every tail wags when I walk through the door

I get to have pets without having pets

I'm basically the cool aunt who gets all of the fun of having a pet without all of the financial responsibilities.

Meeting new people and neighborhoods

Still fairly new to Chicago, getting to kow the city's pets allows me to get to know the city! I spend tons of time in Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, River North, and Lakeview for my job!

It's impossible to be upset for long

If any aspect of my life is bothering me, I know I won't be down for long because I'm only a few hours from seeing a super happy, friendly, playful furry friend!

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