5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Stimulated

Everyone knows that when it comes to cats and dogs, cats are the easier pet between the two. They're low maintenance, independant, and love to explore their environments. So, while it may seem that having a cat translates to low-committment, it's extremely important to keep your kitty mentally stimulated and exercised or else he could succumb to boredom and an idle cat is the devil's plaything. At SIT, our pet sitters are keen to all of the ways to keep your little curious kit entertained and we've shared some with you below!

1. Lots of Hiding Spots

Cats love stalking and hunting around their space, so lots of places to hide is an absolute must! Even if this just means clearing out that shelf in the coffee table or purchasing a kitty tent or tunnel, trust they will be used a lot.

2. High Altitudes

Cats love being everywhere and high up is no exception. A tall cat condo or towering bookshelf might just do the trick.

3. High Value Treats

Ok, this is pretty self explanatory, ESPECIALLY if you have a food-driven monster at home. Find some treats he dies for and use them in times of play and bonding!

4. Catnip filled toys

This can be hit or miss because some cats are unaffected by catnip or don't react as strongly. However, if your cat does or you've never tried catnip before, a stuffed treat is a great way to start. Unlike catnip just sprinkled on the floor, a toy is the scent and cats enjoy being able to carry them around and stalk.

5. High quality scratching post

As a cat sitter, there's nothing worse than seeing a cat, lovely as can be, destroy a piece of furniture because they can't help but scratch and there's nothing else available. Scratching is a natural activity for cats and usually means you have a healthy and happy pet! Tall scratching posts made of thistle are ideal because they can stretch and satify that need.

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