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SIT Dog Walks Rock!

I'm a dog walker in Chicago in the Old Town area, 60614. Joey (in the image below) and I want to tell you why our walks will rock your socks off!

Joey and I say rock on!


1. I'm a speedy quick walker so your dogs will get quite the work out in just a half an hour. Unless of course they're an old guy or something. Then we can go for a leisurely stroll and talk about the weather.

2. Depending on your dogs personality, we may also play or wrestle on the walk or sometimes some dogs want a good amount of cuddle time incorporated into their walks.

3. I make sure your dog has a good assertive Alpha in charge so they aren't pushy, are polite, and don't get into trouble.

4. I will sing and talk to your dog constantly throughout the walk, which will get me some occasional crazy looks from other people walking by.

5. I will send you (the client) the most creative updates and photos I can come up with every time!

6. There are only a few things better than the connection I get with your dog when we are on a good walk. We are both in the moment and enjoying life and each other. There is a mutual trust and respect.

7. I will love your dog immediately and forever. No matter what. They will be like family.

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