Kitten Teething

Most baby creatures that develop teeth go through a period of time when their new teeth are coming in and cutting through their gums. Just like humans, puppies and kittens experience extreme discomfort that can usually only be cured by having something firm and soothing to chew on. We usually only hear the teething horror stories of puppies, but as a cat owner, I've grown to realize that cats and kittens can go through the same sort of growing pains.

Cat teething toys will differ from dog teething toys in that they are much softer and are often filled with and/or contain catnip or strains of it like mint. These toys are great for soothing gum discomfort, cleaning the teeth, and exercising their bite/mouth. You can find kitten chew toys at small pet supplu boutiques like Wigglyville in Lakeview (60657, 60613) and Barker and Meowsky in Lincoln Park (60614) or you can scan selections at larger retailers all over Chicago. Wherever you shop, make sure it's a toy that stimulates your kitten in the best way depending on how he likes to play, and has safe, chewable parts for when he really gets obsessed!

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