5 Reasons to Love Your Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

If you have a furry best friend and a hectic life in Chicago, especially River North or Old Town, a reliable and trust-worthy dog walker and/or pet sitter is basically a necessity! There are certain characteristics that set your dog walker and pet sitter apart from anyone else you employ.

1. We're OBSESSED with your pet

No, seriously... the amount of selfies we take goes far beyond what's posted to Instagram

2. We are impervious to the weather

Chicago has some pretty rough seasons but we walk it out no matter what the forecast holds!

3. We only see the best of your pup

As dog walkers, we basically get to be the cool, fun aunts and uncles that take your pup for a couple of hours a day and have tons of fun!

4. We want you to have a great day/trip

Your pet is like your child, and without proper care lined up, your day can be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. As Chicago dog walkers servicing neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Old Town, Streeterville, Lakeview, and River North, we get to take all of the stress and worry off of you by knowing your furry child will be in good hands!

5. We take our jobs very seriously

We want nothing but the best for you and your pets! Every day is filled with dedication, attention to detail, and love!

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