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Why I Love Pet Sitting: Renzo's Version

I am a dog walker/pet sitter in Chicago in the Old Town Neighborhood, 60610 and the Lakeview area, 60657 and I love pet sitting. Dog walking is great, but when I get to pet sit, I get the opportunity to really know a dog and their personality because I have more time with them.

My most recent pet sit was with Renzo, a lovable Spinone Italiano. I love this guy for so many reasons. I mean, what's not to love from his huge droopy eyes with an ever constant expression of "I am not amused" on his face to his tail that looks like it should be the nose of a Sesame Street or Muppet character? I adore his expression because even when he is excited and happy and his tail stub starts to wag, his face will stay exactly the same. I think it's hilarious! I would like to share some photos of my friend below because I think it's important in understanding what I'm saying.

Firstly, I think it's important you see the face that is in question.

I love this expression. It's the only one he's got! So he will look at me like this completely unreadable and then his tail stub will be fiercely wagging. Oh, he cracks me up!

And here is the tail in question. Doesn't it look like a Sesame Street character's nose?! I love it! It's hilarious when it starts to move. It's like a big nose moving all by itself.

Oh, is someone being coy? Who knows? Same face, different body position.

I do like that Renzo will make faces with me when it's hot though!

And everyone needs a cuddle buddy at night!

Who is that looking forlornly out the window? Oh, that's just an ecstatic Renzo!

I adore pet sitting. And this was just a peek into the personality of one dog! I get to pet sit all sorts of wonderful personalities and see how they like to play, be cuddled, fed, or anything that makes them their wonderful selves!

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