In Home Cat Sitting 60610

Leaving town can be stressful when your cat or kitten needs care. Cat sitting in the 60610 is our specialty. We believe that boarding and sending a kitty away from home just adds to the stress! And who wants do to that?

Here are the top reasons why cat care and cat sitting are offered in the 60610, 60614, 60657, 60613, 60601, and 60611 zip codes.

We know your cat/kitten is happiest because:

1. They get to stay home - and home is where the heart is.

2. Their daily routine isn't disrupted as much because even though they are missing you, they've got some sense of normalcy

3. They get extra attention - brushing, petting, snuggles and it's one on one - so you know they are being taken care of.

4. They know that at some point, you will walk back through that door.

5. Laser pointers....just... laser pointers.

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