Why I Love My Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Company - A Female Business Owner's Perspective

It is crazy to imagine that over the past 3 years my dog walking business has gone from 0 clients to servicing over 200 clients. I've gone from a two person business partnership to becoming the sole owner. I've gone from zero employees to now having a staff of 5 amazing employees and 3 floating helpers.

We started in just Lakeview in Chicago and now we service dog walking and pet sitting in Old Town (60610), Lakeview (60613), Lakeview (60657), Lincoln Park (60614), and other spots on occassion such as Streeterville (60601), River North (60654), and downtown (60611).

I love running my own dog walking business for many reasons. But here are just a few:

1. I am the master of my own ship. I design each day and it feels great to have that type of freedom.

2. I get to temporarily own every breed of pet and I get paid for it!

3. I have met some amazing friends, clients, and pets along the way whom I have great affection for.

4. Through the loyalty of my clients, I have been able to create jobs and stimulate the local economy.

5. I learn immensely each and every day - running my own business is a challenging and rewarding task - always trying to find the best ways to serve our clients and keep my employees happy and healthy at the same time.

I appreciate everything that my staff and clients give, and I am excited to continue our growth and expansion. Great things are on the horizon. Thank you to everyone who makes this company possible!

With Love,


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