A Short Story: Love, How Much Is Too Much?

I'm a dog walker in Chicago in the Old Town Neighborhood area and I have a short story for you.

The story begins with a princess who is being fought over by two princes. The princess is trapped between the two silly princes who are in the middle of a stand off.

The brave prince decides to bust a move. The second prince takes a shyer approach and is disappointed with himself.

At first, the princess didn't like being fought over, but now she is flattered by the attention. The princess begins to think this situation might not be so bad while the poor shy prince still wants to win her heart and looks longingly towards her. Sadly, the shy prince remains invisible by the princess and realizes he is going to have to make a big move.

Both princes move in at the same time to make a move, but the brave prince is faster and cannot be defeated! "Uh oh, oh no! Too much! Too much!" the princess exclaims!

Happy ending? I think so.

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