My Fanny Pack Brings All The Boys To The Yard

So I think we all know why we are here, we're here to talk about the fanny pack issue. Apparently, there is such a thing as a sexy fanny pack. As a Chicago dog walker in the Old Town Neighborhood area, I do not possess one of these. I wear a bulky black fanny pack with all of my important dog walker needs in it such as keys, poop bags, hand sanitizer, and etc. Throughout the work day, I get sweaty, covered in pet hair, pet slobber, dirt, and sometimes rain. I would imagine I look disheveled and tired. WHY THEN, WHY DO I ASK ARE GUYS HITTING ON ME? Simply put, it all comes down to the fanny pack. Guys love fanny packs. I get hit on more wearing the fanny pack than without. So girls, take that sexy fanny pack out to the bar or club or wherever you are searching and find your soulmate!

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