Chicago Dog Walking Story Time

I am a Chicago dog walker and I walk dogs in the Old Town Neighborhood area. I encounter many dog clients with diverse personalities. When walking these dogs, it's important for me to use different techniques to adjust to each of their specific temperaments and needs. Although, I will admit that near the end of every walk, there is one thing I will consistently say, "Time to go home!". Each dog will have a powerful reaction to this sentence and they will react in a variety of interesting ways.

Sometimes the dog may speed home and yell out something along the lines of "Thank god, about time!". However, other times, I get the reaction of the dog in the photo below.

In a cheerful voice I said, "Mika, time to go home!".

She then proceeded to dramatically fall to her side and scream out a heartwrenchingly loud "Nooooooooooooo!". It was one of those "Star Wars kind of fall to your knees kind of no's".

It's always fun being a dog walker in Chicago!

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